Disney with Babies: Top Spots for Naptime in Disney World

The Tomorrowland Transit Authority in the Magic Kingdom is ideal for mid-day naps.

You can’t always get back to your resort, but if you’re traveling with kids under 5, you’ll need to find a few quiet places to relax and let them nap. Even kids who do not usually nap may fall asleep during the day at Disney; there is just so much to see and do that it can get overwhelming and tiring, fast.

I always pack a sling for babies and toddlers, but the rides listed in this piece for TripSavvy include railways, monorails and quiet shows without time restraints. There’s something from every park and you can sit and relax in many of these places as long as you’d like. Some rides, like the railways, allow you to stay onboard as long as you’d like, so they are also good choices.

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TripSavvy Travel Piece: Disney’s Solo Rider Line

Love rides like Test Track and Expedition Everest, but hate the long wait times? If you’re willing to ride solo, you can cut your wait time down to under 5 minutes in some cases!

I started riding solo when I was a teen — my parents just wouldn’t try most thrill rides, and the tradition continues. If you’re willing to sit with a stranger, you can significantly trim your wait time. If you like meeting new people, the solo ride experience ends up being a lot of fun!

I’ve ridden with folks from all over the world and love having a moment to chat — on our last trip I enjoyed Everest (with no waiting at all) with a gentleman who was really convinced I speak Norwegian, and I realllly don’t, so attempts at conversation were pretty fun 🙂

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Win a Magical Night in Cinderella’s Castle in Disney World

A family trip to Disney World is always magical, but the team at Give Kids the World Village and the Disney Company have created a contest that allows you to win a once in a lifetime stay right in Cinderella’s Castle. The iconic castle is located at the heart of the Magic Kingdom in Disney’s Orlando theme park; while it does have a suite, this space is generally not available to guests.

The contest opens it up to one lucky family for one night; you’ll be able to live like Cinderella in the her “happily ever after” castle.

Live like a princess for a day at Disney World

How to Win a Night at Disney’s Cinderella Castle

This special room is available via a contest sponsored by the Give Kids the World Village, a non-profit resort that provides free vacation experiences to families with kids facing life threatening illness. When you enter to win a magical night for your family, you also help these families in crisis receive the trip of a lifetime.

What can you win?

That’s right! After other visitors have left the Magic Kingdom Park, you and five guests will stay in the majestic Cinderella Castle Suite. Your stay includes Disney Park tickets and breakfast at Cinderella’s Royal Table.

One lucky winner will be admitted to the Magic Kingdom at Disney World in Orlando Florida, along with five family members, friends or guests. The park empties out each night, but you’ll get to head right to the castle and spend the night like royalty. Your trip includes:

  • A full night in the luxurious and exclusive Cinderella Castle suite, complete with butler and on-site staff
  • 2 days of fun in the Disney Parks
  • Breakfast at Cinderella’s Royal Table, where you’ll meet the princess herself
  • Round trip airfare to Orlando from your home

Since the suite can’t be reserved for vacation or by park guests, travel contests like this one are the only way to get a stay…unless you have a Fairy Godmother waiting in the wings.

Enter with Give Kids the World

You can score a handful of entries for a small donation – or provide more support and receive even more chances to win. The contest is open until October 13, 2017, so time is limited – enter now for your chance at this dream trip.