Free November Marketing Calendar is Here!

Struggling to figure out what to write about as the temperature drops and the days draw shorter? As we near Thanksgiving, the focus shifts to the holidays, but you can write only so many turkey, family and holiday themed posts before you get bored.

And so do your readers.

I created a November Marketing Calendar to help you figure out what to write about and let you know what’s hot and highly searchable this month. In addition to “Thanksgiving” posts, gift guides, “Movember” and party planning are all top search terms; fulfill one or more of these to attract attention to your blog.
Click Here for Free November Marketing Calendar

Other highlights this month include Cyber Monday, which is rapidly catching up to Black Friday in revenues for sellers. This month also includes Veteran’s Day, a chance to recognize those who serve the nation and Giving Tuesday, an ideal time for Non-Profits to shine.

As always, if you need help with content or social media, I’m here for you!

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Calling all Experts! I’d Love to Interview you!

I do a lot of work for the print magazine industry, and have a few pieces coming up that I’d love to find some fresh information for! Are you the expert I need?


Looking to chat if you have the time and:

  • Have ever visited the Orlando area with a child with special needs (for an inflight magazine)
  • Work in the fast food or supply chain industry at manager level or up to chat about breakfast
  • Have a child with Autism who has been enrolled in an Montessori style program
  • Own or operate an HVAC business or with knowledge of R22 refrigerant replacement requirements and options (my client is a manufacturer and you can be a named source).

Thanks for reading and I’d love to chat if you have info to share on one of these topics!