What to Write About — When you Have No Ideas

You know your blog and inbound content need to be updated regularly, and even carved out some time from your schedule to write — now what? Sitting in front of a blank Word doc with a blinking cursor and no idea of what to write about gets frustrating, fast.


Exhausted and overworked
Seriously, is this stock photo guy struggling or what? Poor stock photo guy!

I built an entire business on filling this need — but if you are inclined and have the time, you can come up with things to write about. Most of my clients hire me for one of three reasons:

  • They don’t have the time to write
  • They don’t like writing
  • They can’t think of anything to write about

If you fall into the third category, these tips from Copyblogger may help!


Still having trouble? Let me help! I can come up with a topic list designed to meet your goals and deliver the completed content, worry free 🙂

Site Inspiration: 10 Landing Pages You’ll Want to Copy Today

One of my favorite ways to boost ROI and ensure that customers actually make it into my clients’ sales funnels is to use distinct landing pages for each target demographic or persona. A specific landing page for each type of prospect ensures that your visitors have a personalized experience and can find what they need quickly.


HubSpot just pulled together some of the best landing pages of 2016 to give you an idea of what’s working for a diverse group of brands.


Effective Marketing for Martial Arts Schools

A lot of seasoned and talented martial artists have the big dream of helping people, especially young ones, learn how to defend themselves through martial arts. Setting up and running your own school would be the first step for you to take to achieve this goal. If you do push through with this plan, you will have ample opportunities to teach people useful self-defense skills and you will be able to impart in them key character-building lessons on discipline and respect, among others.

However, once you become the owner of a martial arts school, teaching won’t be your only or primary job. This will be especially true if you plan on keeping overheads low by hiring only a few employees to help you out.


One of the important additional tasks you will have to handle is marketing your martial arts school. After all, if no one knows about your school and offered courses, you won’t have any students. You won’t get any revenue as well. And to get people or kids to enroll at your school, you need to market or promote your institution.

If it’s your first time to carry out a marketing campaign for your martial arts school, below are some useful tips that can help you:

  • Set your marketing goals. Although your primary goal would be to get new students, you need to be more specific. And this means pinpointing or narrowing your target market. Do you want more kids and teenagers to enroll? Or do you want to accommodate adults, too? In addition, do you want your students to come from the local community or from other nearby areas as well? By answering these questions and considering other key factors, you will be able to determine a realistic and workable marketing goal.
  • Make sure potential students know about the programs you offer and the benefits that come with them. A lot of schools do a terrible job of explaining and promoting the benefits of their training programs. In general, all martial arts schools teach some sort of self-defense and fighting techniques. However, not all schools teach their students personal development through martial arts while helping them be more physically and mentally fit. These are some of the benefits that you should be highlighting in your marketing campaign.
  • Invest in and utilize the right type of software. Since you still want to devote most of your time teaching martial arts and not too much on marketing, using the right software can help you out. There are now certain kinds of software that are specifically designed to help owners of martial arts schools. They will have CRM or marketing tracking features that will enable you to keep a record of potential students and get in touch with them easily to send them promotional emails or newsletters. The right software will make marketing or promoting your school easier, faster, and even more convenient.

Get more tips on marketing and managing a martial arts school here.

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