Ready to Grow your Business in a Hurry? These Growth Hacking Techniques Can Help!

When you’ve covered all the basics for your launch and are ready to focus on building your audience and attracting prospects, growth hacking can help. By focusing solely on growth, you can propel your brand forward in a surprisingly short period of time and ensure you rapidly reach your forecasted goals.

What is Growth Hacking, Anyway?

Growth hacking is a form of hyper-focused marketing that provides rapid results for a company or brand. By focusing all efforts solely on growth, the growth hacker can achieve swift results. When your brand is in a constant state of growth, you’re scaling rapidly, adding followers in massive numbers and everything you do – every tactic, strategy, effort and piece of content has one goal, growing your business.

Does growth hacking replace traditional marketing?

No. Growth hacking is a facet of marketing and refers to a specific approach with one singular goal in mind. Growth hacking methods can be employed at any time, but are often used during startup, product launches, rebranding or when a company needs rapid growth to survive. During this time, automated traditional marketing methods may continue, but all other resources are focused on one common goal – -intense growth.

But, hackers, though – aren’t they the bad guys?

“Hacker” has a few different meanings:

  • The guy that hacks your cable and steals your HBO – not cool.
  • The group that phishes your business and holds your data for ransom – really not cool
  • Someone who is clever and inventive and uses any available resources to achieve a goal, even if they deploy those assets in unusual ways – very cool.

A growth hacker uses any and all available resources to focus on building a following and brand; innovation, problem-solving, creativity and original ideas are the hallmarks of this type of hacker and the type of entrepreneur that is primed for rapid success.

What do I need to become a growth hacker?

Successful growth hackers share some essential characteristics – creativity, curiosity and amazing focus are at the heart of all we do. According to TechCrunch, most successful growth hackers have insatiable curiosity about how stuff works, how other brands succeeded and what makes a brand successful.

Be curious, be creative, be adventurous and take risks – and your business will grow.

 Growth Hacking Strategies for your Own Brand or Business

Growth hacking needs three primary points of information to be successful:

    • You need to know who your customer is. Who will buy your product? Is a luxury for them or a necessity?
    • You need to know where they are. Geographically, physically and online, where are they? If you want them to find, follow and purchase from you, your efforts need to be targeted and tailored to match not only their needs but positioned properly as well.
    • What content resonates with them? Do they want a steady stream of visuals – video, infographics, images and more, or do they want whitepapers, case studies and technical details? Do they need to be informed, educated, entertained or engaged? Does humor resonate with them or is it a waste of time to incorporate clever memes, word play and outright funny content?

Once you know who you are aiming for, these techniques will help you streamline your efforts and make the most of your budget.

Effective Growth Hacking Techniques (That Don’t Cost Much)

No matter how fantastic your products, services and content are, it won’t do your business much good unless you can grow your audience. Organic growth takes time, but turning to some key growth hacking strategies can help you speed things up and see the fast-paced growth you need for your brand. Your competitors are likely using some of these methods to supercharge their growth right now; the best way to catch up – or gain an edge – is to focus on a few growth hacking strategies designed to help you grow in a hurry.

Optimize your site:

It isn’t fun, glamorous or anything exciting – but if your site isn’t ready, you won’t get the growth you want. SEO, branding and your user experience all need to be 100% ready for visitors before you start any growth hacking efforts. Even your loading speed matters; a delay of a single second can make the difference between a new conversion and a bounced visit, according to Kissmetrics.

Make users wait too long for your pages to load and they may not stick around!

Ideally, pages should load in two seconds or less; any longer and you could be driving precious traffic away from your site.

Provide Social Proof

You need social proof – and a lot of it – when you want to grow. Any available spot should showcase user content, real testimonials, review streams and more. People need to see others using, interacting with and winning with y our brand to be willing to give you a try. Seeing others who love your brand, and who have successfully interacted with you reassures your new customers and subscribers and helps you grow your brand in a hurry.

Customer statistics, from the number of visitors you have to your Twitter followers and even email subscribers, can all showcase how much people love your brand and provide visitors with real proof of just how effective you are.

Onboarding Matters

What happens when someone makes a purchase or joins your list? Do you have an automated email campaign ready to welcome them, and are you focused on winning their business permanently?

Your New User Experience (NUX) will have a direct impact on the quality of these new arrivals and how well you grow your brand. A new user will need more guidance and help; having a process in place that welcomes them, walks them through and lets them know what to expect will help you make the most of this time period.

Viral Growth Loops

Anything with “viral” in the name is good news for marketers, and this method simply uses your existing happy customers to grow your brand. If each of your customers shares what you do with one other prospect, you could double your list. The key here is offering them something worthy of a share. It either needs to be content that is so funny, amazing or relevant that they can’t resist – or it needs to be a promo that benefits both users.

Hit on a viral growth loop with your customers and you’ll see rapid, extreme growth seemingly overnight. Determining what your customer responds to can help you craft a compelling offer or piece they’ll want to share again and again, and lead to the growth you are craving.


Guest Post on Other Sites


Position your brand as an authority by guest posting. You won’t get paid, but a well-crafted piece of content could land on a high-ranking site and generate plenty of traffic for your own website. Choose your topics and partners with care and guest posting can drive traffic to help you grow today and position you as an expert in your field. This type of branding and awareness can help you for years to come.

Create an Amazing Opt-in Offer

What happens when people do visit your site? Unless you have a way to capture their emails, they could bounce away before you can connect with them. Creating an irresistible offer for your email opt-in can help encourage these visitors to hand over their own contact details before leaving – allowing you to direct them into your sales funnel and making it possible for you to follow up.

Your opt-in needs to be relevant to what you do and valuable enough to get your visitors to sign up for it. Taking the time to create a piece that visitors want can help you grow your email list – which in turn will help you grow your business.

Employ Email Marketing

Inexpensive and effective email marketing makes it easy to connect with your subscribers and ensure they are aware of your offerings, products and services. An automated welcome email is a good start; you can also email your newsletter, relevant industry information and other things that would be of interest. Simple automation tools can help you connect and spread the word about your brand in a variety of ways.

Simply focusing your efforts on growth can yield surprising results in a short amount of time. When all your efforts are focused on one thing – growing your brand – you’ll be able to add followers in a variety of ways. From optimizing your site to creating compelling content, these techniques will help you make the most of your brand and your growth hacking efforts.

There are many ways to gauge and measure your success when it comes to your growth hacking efforts. Knowing the action, you want users to take, being able to state with precision where you are now and then measuring the outcome can give you the best idea of how well your efforts are performing.

300% Growth in Site Traffic…or Why I Hate Math


I hate math.

I’m also old enough to remember this awful 1980s Barbie, who shares my opinion.

It is awful, but true.

In the interest of girl power and supporting STEM learning with my much more math-friendly kids, I never mention it, but math is my Kryptonite.

So, when I was chatting with a client today and told him about his 30% increase in views on his blog and that it might take a while, but we would get him where he needed to be, he cracked up.

It was 300%, not 30%

Could have been worse, I guess, I could have tried to tell him we just made 3% growth and started tearing apart the strategy I was so sure would work.

300% Site Traffic Growth in 3 Months

My horrible math skills aside, we made some really nice progress in a short amount of time, and I wanted to share what we did to make it happen:

  • First, we went through what they had – almost 700 existing posts—and found topics that could be revisited and revitalized.
  • Next, we identified some key posts that could benefit from SEO and freshened them up a bit.
  • We also came up with some fresh topics and angles for some specific audiences they have been trying to cultivate.
  • We launched an aggressive social media campaign on Facebook; his most popular channel but one that was performing well under the industry average.
  • We committed to posting 3 new blogs per week and to posting daily on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.
  • We created and ran a drip email campaign that targeted inactive and not recently active users

Total growth was 312.1% in site traffic after 90 days.

Take that, math!

Just one of those new posts (this one) was liked 12,300 times on Facebook  and shared 1,142 times as of today.

This particular brand has a long sales cycle, so I am not sure of the impact on their overall sales and conversions, but more traffic can only help drive their business to success.

The Right Content and Strategy Drives Results and Revenues

Each of the above steps could be done to your site, right now and help boost results. You may be sitting on a treasure trove of content that can be revisited or even completely rewritten to drive traffic to your site.


What? Reuse Old Stuff? Nope.

You’re right, Google penalizes reused content – none of the 38 posts were actually reused. Instead, four were converted into video content, four were made into infographics and the rest were updated and rewritten to address the needs of users today and changes in the marketplace.

The new pieces were also designed to truly capture the brand’s unique approach and story for human readers and search engine optimized for Google. No other changes were made to their overall marketing strategy so we could truly measure results.

Give Your Own Site a Boost

Look at your existing metrics to get an idea of where you are right now.

Carefully reviewing your existing content and brainstorming some new ideas can help you come up with a packed content calendar for the next 90 days. When you commit just a few months to getting your site where it needs to be, with relevant and engaging topics, you’ll be amazed at the amount of traffic you can accrue. Try these steps to grow your traffic:

  • Commit to posting: This is the big one, and is either going to cost you time or money. Commit to posting at least three new pieces each week, so you have a constant stream of relevant, useful and up to date content for readers.
  • Target your prospects: Identify your best social media channel and focus on growing your audience. Your site analytics can break down where your traffic is coming from. No social media presence yet? Identify the one channel that resonates best with your followers from the Big 5 – Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter – and get started. You’re creating sharable content, so use this outlet to boost awareness of your brand and offerings.
  • Measure Results: Follow the plan above for 90 days, and revisit those metrics. Chances are, you’ll see not only some real growth, but your gain some valuable insights about what topics, channels and formats your prospects respond to best.

Not Enough Time to DIY?

I can help – I create content that puts your brand into the spotlight and ensures your site is found by the right prospects. Let’s chat about your needs and goals and create a plan for your brand.


Just don’t ask me to do math, please.