NEW! 2018 Social Media Cheat Sheet

Social media sites change their preferred sizes and formats pretty regularly and if you’re still using the sizes that worked in 2017, you could be missing out. I created an updated cheat sheet for 2018 — details for every site you use regularly are included — from LinkedIn to Pinterest.


2018 Cheat Sheet

Get your full-sized copy in PDF form here: McNesby social media cheat

and start posting using optimal image sizes for each network.

It’s that easy.

It’s even easier to get the help you need with social media by allowing a pro to help — if you’re struggling with getting found or having trouble keeping up with everything needed for your social media — let’s chat!

Do my Blog Posts Need a Picture?

More clicks with pics!

You may have great written content, but unless you include a visual, your work could be overlooked. According to marketing experts at Kissmetrics, Facebook posts that have an image are clicked through 53% more often than those that just feature plain text.

More clicks with pics!

Blogs and articles may be even more neglected if there is no image — so head to one of these free sources for photos and choose on to illustrate your latest tweet, status or blog: