What to Write About — When you Have No Ideas

You know your blog and inbound content need to be updated regularly, and even carved out some time from your schedule to write — now what? Sitting in front of a blank Word doc with a blinking cursor and no idea of what to write about gets frustrating, fast.


Exhausted and overworked
Seriously, is this stock photo guy struggling or what? Poor stock photo guy!

I built an entire business on filling this need — but if you are inclined and have the time, you can come up with things to write about. Most of my clients hire me for one of three reasons:

  • They don’t have the time to write
  • They don’t like writing
  • They can’t think of anything to write about

If you fall into the third category, these tips from Copyblogger may help!


Still having trouble? Let me help! I can come up with a topic list designed to meet your goals and deliver the completed content, worry free 🙂

Site Inspiration: 10 Landing Pages You’ll Want to Copy Today

One of my favorite ways to boost ROI and ensure that customers actually make it into my clients’ sales funnels is to use distinct landing pages for each target demographic or persona. A specific landing page for each type of prospect ensures that your visitors have a personalized experience and can find what they need quickly.


HubSpot just pulled together some of the best landing pages of 2016 to give you an idea of what’s working for a diverse group of brands.


What I’m Writing — Week of 9/29

It’s shaping up to be one of those weeks — the good kind! Lots of fun topics this week, some research into a nerdy tech topic I’ll enjoy and a roundup of web pages for small businesses ranging in location from right here in South Carolina to wayyyy down under in Australia.

Just a few fun things I’m working on this week, or 13 more reasons I love my job!

Thanksgiving Decoration Roundup (curated guest blog for a major home improvement retailer, watch for it in October, similar to this one on table decor last year). I love seasonal pieces like this because they put me in the right frame of mind to decorate my own home, I’ll have to make a run to the state farmer’s market here and pick up a big pile of pumpkins soon…until then, I’ve got the Halloween stuff ready to go:

Halloween fun from my home and crafting blog

Some fun pieces on the business and technology of drones. Very interesting stuff on the responsibility and liability of drone usage and what happens when you use a drone in your business…I am anxiously watching the skies for drone deliveries after researching these…


More travel articles, always a favorite, this time I am covering one of my top theme park destinations for toddlers for an inflight magazine. (This one is pretty much done, I just like to let them sit for a week or so and then do a final read-through before sending them off to the editor, just in case). 2 other magazine queries were approved this week as well, so I’m finalizing some travel and interview details, too.

Rounding the week out with a host of web-pages for some up and coming businesses. I love these, because they allow me to spend some time learning more about a specific industry and helping my client succeed. The Home, Landing, About and product/service detail pages are the backbone of any good website, so getting these to be just right is a challenge and a privilege. I’m always thrilled see a new site or rebrand launch and to be a part of the process!

This week, I’m writing pages of content for an emergency veterinarian, James Hardie Siding contractor, a commercial HVAC business and a (sadly not local) martial arts studio.

Not a blogging heavy week, but lots of fun pieces to keep me occupied!

Have a great week, everyone!