Content Marketing Package

8/14 update and clarification!

I work about two months ahead, so while this slot has opened up now, it is for the month of October (though I could do mid-September if needed)! I’ve had a few people contact me looking for content for August…and that’s just a little too quick 🙂

Quality takes time and we need to be able to get things just right for you to get the best possible ROI for your business.

OK, back to the content package:

One of my babies is leaving the nest and ready to fly…but it’s a good thing! One of my accounts has grown to the point that they can now hire a full time marketing director and content creator – so while I’ll still help out with their content needs and overflow, I have a monthly slot available beginning in Mid-August 2017! edit: deliverables would be for September/October 2017

It’s a big deal for me to have a client outgrow me – it means that they have grown so much that they’re ready to fly on their own. I get obsessed with my brands and am going to miss writing about their amazing services already, but when one door closes, another opens…

I have one content marketing package slot available, starting in Mid-August!


Here are the details:

I provide my Content Marketing Package clients with a set of unique blog posts and articles each month; you’ll get 5 stellar and amazing pieces of up to 1200 words each, along with a ready to use stock image and pre-made social media posts for your preferred channels. You receive:

  • Monthly consultation about your goals and content needs
  • 5 Clear, concise, timely posts that generate leads and position you as an expert in your industry or field
  • Social media shares and support from my personal brand and my network
  • Topic and keyword research if needed
  • Automatic uploading into your CMS, so pieces are ready to publish and waiting for your approval
  • Automatic renewal monthly so you don’t lose your space or lose momentum


If you have a digital magazine, blog or other site in need of a fresh voice, solid branding and expert content, this starter package can help. Many of my clients start here – they know they need content help but lack the budget for an actual hire. As you can see, the ability to focus on their customers and business without worrying about content drives revenues and growth – I work myself out of a job!

Are you ready to fast forward your content marketing? If you see this page, there is still a spot available; I only launch it when I have the space and time to fully focus on a new brand.

Let’s get to work!

Content Marketing Package