300% Growth in Site Traffic…or Why I Hate Math


I hate math.

I’m also old enough to remember this awful 1980s Barbie, who shares my opinion.

It is awful, but true.

In the interest of girl power and supporting STEM learning with my much more math-friendly kids, I never mention it, but math is my Kryptonite.

So, when I was chatting with a client today and told him about his 30% increase in views on his blog and that it might take a while, but we would get him where he needed to be, he cracked up.

It was 300%, not 30%

Could have been worse, I guess, I could have tried to tell him we just made 3% growth and started tearing apart the strategy I was so sure would work.

300% Site Traffic Growth in 3 Months

My horrible math skills aside, we made some really nice progress in a short amount of time, and I wanted to share what we did to make it happen:

  • First, we went through what they had – almost 700 existing posts—and found topics that could be revisited and revitalized.
  • Next, we identified some key posts that could benefit from SEO and freshened them up a bit.
  • We also came up with some fresh topics and angles for some specific audiences they have been trying to cultivate.
  • We launched an aggressive social media campaign on Facebook; his most popular channel but one that was performing well under the industry average.
  • We committed to posting 3 new blogs per week and to posting daily on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.
  • We created and ran a drip email campaign that targeted inactive and not recently active users

Total growth was 312.1% in site traffic after 90 days.

Take that, math!

Just one of those new posts (this one) was liked 12,300 times on Facebook  and shared 1,142 times as of today.

This particular brand has a long sales cycle, so I am not sure of the impact on their overall sales and conversions, but more traffic can only help drive their business to success.

The Right Content and Strategy Drives Results and Revenues

Each of the above steps could be done to your site, right now and help boost results. You may be sitting on a treasure trove of content that can be revisited or even completely rewritten to drive traffic to your site.


What? Reuse Old Stuff? Nope.

You’re right, Google penalizes reused content – none of the 38 posts were actually reused. Instead, four were converted into video content, four were made into infographics and the rest were updated and rewritten to address the needs of users today and changes in the marketplace.

The new pieces were also designed to truly capture the brand’s unique approach and story for human readers and search engine optimized for Google. No other changes were made to their overall marketing strategy so we could truly measure results.

Give Your Own Site a Boost

Look at your existing metrics to get an idea of where you are right now.

Carefully reviewing your existing content and brainstorming some new ideas can help you come up with a packed content calendar for the next 90 days. When you commit just a few months to getting your site where it needs to be, with relevant and engaging topics, you’ll be amazed at the amount of traffic you can accrue. Try these steps to grow your traffic:

  • Commit to posting: This is the big one, and is either going to cost you time or money. Commit to posting at least three new pieces each week, so you have a constant stream of relevant, useful and up to date content for readers.
  • Target your prospects: Identify your best social media channel and focus on growing your audience. Your site analytics can break down where your traffic is coming from. No social media presence yet? Identify the one channel that resonates best with your followers from the Big 5 – Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter – and get started. You’re creating sharable content, so use this outlet to boost awareness of your brand and offerings.
  • Measure Results: Follow the plan above for 90 days, and revisit those metrics. Chances are, you’ll see not only some real growth, but your gain some valuable insights about what topics, channels and formats your prospects respond to best.

Not Enough Time to DIY?

I can help – I create content that puts your brand into the spotlight and ensures your site is found by the right prospects. Let’s chat about your needs and goals and create a plan for your brand.


Just don’t ask me to do math, please.


What to Write About — When you Have No Ideas

You know your blog and inbound content need to be updated regularly, and even carved out some time from your schedule to write — now what? Sitting in front of a blank Word doc with a blinking cursor and no idea of what to write about gets frustrating, fast.


Exhausted and overworked
Seriously, is this stock photo guy struggling or what? Poor stock photo guy!

I built an entire business on filling this need — but if you are inclined and have the time, you can come up with things to write about. Most of my clients hire me for one of three reasons:

  • They don’t have the time to write
  • They don’t like writing
  • They can’t think of anything to write about

If you fall into the third category, these tips from Copyblogger may help!


Still having trouble? Let me help! I can come up with a topic list designed to meet your goals and deliver the completed content, worry free 🙂

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One of my favorite ways to boost ROI and ensure that customers actually make it into my clients’ sales funnels is to use distinct landing pages for each target demographic or persona. A specific landing page for each type of prospect ensures that your visitors have a personalized experience and can find what they need quickly.


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