If you’re reading this page, you already know that content matters — you just may not have the time left to create the right pieces on your own, day after day, week after week.

Content keeps visitors coming back again and again, week after week.

Does this sound familiar?

  • You know you need to blog, but can’t set aside enough time to focus on it.
  • Your current lineup of content just isn’t bringing in traffic or getting attention.
  • You have great content, just not enough of it; you know you could scale your business, but that time thing, though.
  • You hate writing (it’s OK, we all dislike something — I hate math), but know you need to relay your expertise.


You also want to:

I can help.

By creating compelling and targeted content that not only informs, it entertains, attracts and engages, I can help you get connected with your most valuable prospects.

Best of all, I can help you free up your time to focus on what you do best – running your business and serving your customers and clients.

What’s the catch?

There isn’t one, really.  Every day I help an amazing group of brands reach out and grab the attention they deserve online. From blogs to email campaigns that convert and even social media posts and management, the content I create enhances your brand presence and positions you for growth.

I speak both SEO and human, so your content just gets where it needs to be to effectively boost your sales and revenues.

Digital Marketing Content and Strategy that Gets Results

My process is pretty simple, but it works. Here’s what I do:

First, we’ll chat about your business, your goals and what you need most. I learn about you and your brand, then come up with some ideas on how to help you best. We’ll work out the scope of your project and talk about:

  • What you do now for marketing (“nothing”, “not much” and “not enough” are fine answers)
  • What your ideal-world-perfect-customer looks like
  • What topic ideas you love – and just as important, what you don’t like so much.
  • What frequency you need. I recommend posting at least weekly, most of my clients receive 10 posts per month plus full support.
  • Any other tasks and support that could help you, from uploading ready to use blog posts to your CMS to image sourcing and social media post creation

This information allows me to perfectly tailor your content to meet your needs.

What Happens Next?

You go do your thing, knowing your content needs are covered.

Meanwhile, I write and edit your content; depending on your needs, this could include keyword research, storytelling, interviews and fact checking. Your piece goes through both Grammarly and a human editor so you can be sure it is perfect.

Your content is ready!

I load your piece directly into your CMS and save it as a draft –so you just have to read through and push a single button to go live. If you prefer, you can receive your copy in a word document instead. Up to two rounds of revisions are included either way, so you can be sure your piece is exactly what you want.

And the crowd applauds, you get the attention you deserve and the leads roll in…and we start again – it just gets better from here.

Let’s Get Started.


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In a hurry? I have an all inclusive content marketing package that will get you started immediately. If you see this note, I have a reduced-price monthly content package slot available and waiting for you!

Hire Me!

Professionally written materials save your business time and money – and get more results, too!

My job is to make sure you have the right content in place to get the results you need. Whether you want to build your brand, convert visitors or engage your existing audience, I can help.


I have been helping businesses succeed for almost two decades; providing copy, ghostwriting, blogs, emails, social media content and whitepapers designed to engage customers and get results.

How My Writing Can Help Your Business Succeed

  • Help you get found: The right content can boost your search engine rankings and generate more leads for your team. Google’s priorities and algorithms change all the time, so it is important to properly optimize your content for success.
  • Boost engagement: Blogs, whitepapers and other content can help engage visitors to your website and accurately reflect your brand
  • Convert customers: Turn visitors into buyers with compelling case studies and white papers
  • Broaden your reach: Expand your email newsletter list with the right eBook or whitepaper perk for new subscribers
  • Save you time: If you know you need content, but simply lack the time to create something amazing

What’s so Important about Content?

According to HubSpot, businesses with a blog (that post regularly) are 13 times more likely to experience positive ROI, and a whopping 54% more leads are generated using inbound tactics than traditional paid advertising and marketing.

bigstock success

According to Contently, 11 of my recent pieces have been shared over 29,000 times so far this year — that’s a lot of clicks!

Great content pays off — but it takes time to create. If you don’t focus on captivating your prospects with amazing reads and visuals, someone else will! I can help you make sure you always have the perfect piece of content at the ready and that you don’t miss out on a single prospect.

Ready to find out how I can help you grow your business? Schedule a complimentary Discovery Call today to chat about your goals and needs!
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A few of the brands I work with include:



I publish over 1,500 pieces of content per year for a variety of clients — here is just a small sampling of my recent work. If you are looking for clips in a specific industry, please let me know; I’d be happy to put together a grouping for you to review.

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Shhhh….I’m a ghost.

Ghost writer, that is.

If you know what you want to say, but not quite how to say it, or if you need to add some polish to your existing materials, I can help. You’ll be able to impress new clients – and breathe life into old accounts and materials. Wow your boss or clients with professionally written copy and update your website with dynamic copy that gets results.


I will work with you to present your ideas and information in the best light possible; you’ll be able to work on other important tasks while I prepare dynamic content that adds value to your site or marketing materials.

Best of all?

The final ghosted book, presentation, copy or article is yours to publish as you wish. I retain no rights to ghostwritten material, and you’ll get all the credit. I offer ghostwriting clients complete confidentiality and never reveal my involvement with your project.

If you need to write a press release, craft an eBook or brochure that sells, or fill your website with interesting content that keeps readers coming back for more, I can help you take your copy to the next level.

Ready to get started?

Email me today to set up a free, confidential consultation to see what I can do for your business.